Buying boots, with the right shoesize and average calves it’s a piece of cake. However when you have bigger calves it’s already more difficult. Standard issue boots don’t fit you usually and wide calf boots are available in multiple calfsizes.

To order the right boots it is very important to measure your calves in the right way. This way you are sure that you will order the right calfsize and avoid disappointment.
At we have a calfsize calculator as a helpful gadget. Fill in your shoesize, measure your calves and there it is… The calfsize calculator gives you the correct shaftwidth.

At you can pick from 4 different calfwidths. 40, 44, 48, 52 cm. It might happen that you are between calfwidths. When this happens, always pick the bigger calfwidth. Nothing is more annoying then zippers that won’t close and squeeze your calves.
When you have any questions or doubts after reading these instructions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call, e-mail or chat with us on the website.

Step 1:

Sit on a chair with your knee bent 90 degrees.
Measure your (naked) calf at the widest point.

Step 2:

Go the the calfsize calculator.

Fill in your measured calfwidth and your shoesize.

Step 3:

Pick your calfwidth on the website and you will fin dan assortment of all available boots in your calfwidth.