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  1. Which boot suits me?

    Which boot suits me?

    Short legs
    When you have short legs, there’s nothing you’d like more then to make them look longer. Go for long boots with a high heel. If you have trouble walking on high heels, pick a block heel. A Block heel gives more support.

    Stylingtip: Pick boots in the same color as your panty or pants, this way your legs look longer.

    Big shoesize

    We you have large feet, here’s some tips to make them look a little “smaller”. Pick boots with a heel and a round nose. This takes the attention away from the length of the foot. Try to avoid pointy noses, they do put the attention tot he length of the foot.

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  2. Blue


    Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Blue. Blue is surprisingly easy to combine. Everebody has a pair of jeans in the closet and these are great to combine with our blue boots. We have added a whopping 5 models to our collection in this beautiful color.

    For example the Antara snake print in Navy. Super posh with a leather skirt or flared jeans.

    Take a look on for all our new models in blue.

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  3. Long boots

    Long boots

    Every winter you see them again in the shops, the long boots. Long boots are always in fashion. They are easy to combine and available in many sorts and sizes.

    Pick real leather, they wear more comfortable and stay fair longer. At all boots are made of real leather. Most models are leather on the inside and outside.  The boots stay fair long and become prettier with the years.  You should spray them regularly  and eventually polish them with shoeshine. We also have some models with a textile lining, our budget models.

    Do you want cool? Go for a model with block heel or pick the hip cowboy boot.
    Trending right now and to combine with jeans as well as a feminine dress/skirt.

    Would you rather have a feminine, classy boot, thean choose some long boots with high heels.
    Eventually with a fancy print. Easy to combine for a business look.

    Do you like to wear boots, but is comfort key for you? Pick a model with a low heel.

    In short, something for everyone. Take a look at the entire collection here.

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  4. How to measure my calves?

    How to measure my calves?

    Buying boots, with the right shoesize and average calves it’s a piece of cake. However when you have bigger calves it’s already more difficult. Standard issue boots don’t fit you usually and wide calf boots are available in multiple calfsizes.

    To order the right boots it is very important to measure your calves in the right way. This way you are sure that you will order the right calfsize and avoid disappointment.
    At we have a calfsize calculator as a helpful gadget. Fill in your shoesize, measure your calves and there it is… The calfsize calculator gives you the correct shaftwidth.

    At you can pick from 4 different calfwidths. 40, 44, 48, 52 cm. It might happen that you are between calfwidths. When this happens, always pick the bigger calfwidth. Nothing is more annoying then zippers that won’t close and squeeze your calves.
    When you have any questions or doubts after reading these instructions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call, e-mail or chat with us on the website.

    Step 1:

    Sit on a chair with your knee bent 90 degrees.
    Measure your (naked) calf at the widest point.

    Step 2:

    Go the the calfsize calculator.

    Fill in your measured calfwidth and your shoesize.

    Step 3:

    Pick your calfwidth on the website and you will fin dan assortment of all available boots in your calfwidth.

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